Anita Stokes

I nominated to be a member of the inaugural school board because I am passionate about providing the very best education for all children. I believe I will be able to contribute positively to the board and the wider school community by ensuring that the social and emotional well being of students is addressed along with their academic performance and building a strong Sheoak Grove community.

As a family we made the decision to move our two children currently in year two and four to Sheoak Grove.  This decision was not made lightly and many pros and cons were weighed up. From the beginning of the school's formation I was part of the Steering Committee and was involved in the work to draft the school's visions and values along with critical decision making such as adopting a Sheoak Grove uniform. It was evident at the start that the school will be well led and becoming a part of the Sheoak Grove School Board was important to me.

I have a professional background in working with and supporting children both in education and within the community. I am currently employed at a local primary school and I have a strong knowledge of the Department's policies and procedures.  I also have had the opportunity to contribute to a school business plan, participate in school review and be an active team member in the facilitation of curriculum guides.  I believe that from my experience I will be able to work very effectively within the Sheoak Grove School Board and contribute to making our school a positive and nurturing environment for all of our children and community members.