Our Business Plan

The Sheoak Grove Primary School Business Plan (2021-2023) was co-authored by our School Community, through our inaugural School Board, and our staff.  It was drafted throughout 2020 and into Term 1 2021. We thank our Chairperson Mr Jared McEntee and each member of our School Board for their outstanding commitment and work to produce this document that will sustain our direction for years to come.

The plan outlines the direction of our school over the next three years, and takes its inspiration from the work our school community has achieved together since we began as Baldivis North Primary School in August of 2019.  Our initial direction was driven by our Focus Document that outlined our work over the first 18 months as we transitioned into Sheoak Grove. 

Our plan has five Improvement Drivers:

  1. Student Success - Every student's success is built on a foundation of connection and belonging
  2. Respectful Relationships - We build respectful relationships and integrated connection with our families and the broader community
  3. Exceptional Teaching - We aspire to build a school culture that positively impact on and supports exceptional pedagogical practice
  4. Professional Capacity - We are dedicated to developing the professional capacity of all of our staff through establishing a culture of excellence
  5. Whole School Assessment and Review - We are committed to providing a data rich environment that will provide our school community with assurance about the quality of teaching and learning and the effectiveness of school based programs

The artwork used in the plan is symbolic.  It was created by our staff member Rosie Paine, who is also a member of our School Board. It represents the five improvement drivers as part of our sheoak tree, with our school beating at the koort (heart) of the tree itself. The lines emanating from the tree represent our commitment to continual growth and development. More information about the artwork can be accessed on the inside cover of the plan.  We also thank our staff member Ashleigh Hooper for her work in formatting the document.

We have hard copies of our plan available through our office, but we urge our families to download a pdf using the link below to keep an electronic copy.


Sheoak Grove Primary School Business Plan 2021 - 2023

Sheoak Grove Primary School Focus Document 2023