Our Name

The origin of our name

Our name has a link to the area’s natural environment and Indigenous culture. The street address for our school is Nyilla Approach. This is derived from the local Noongar word nyilla-nyilla, which is the name given to the fruit of a plant that attaches itself to sheoak trees. There are also cultural references to sheoak trees being used as birthing trees traditionally because of the soft needle like qualities of their foliage when it falls, giving it a nurturing role.

The use of the term ‘grove’ is to identify with the stand of natural vegetation that includes the sheoaks as you approach the school along Baldivis Road in the Tramway Reserve that connects Baldivis from south to north. The name connects to our wider community, with Tuart Rise and Rivergums Primary Schools also using names of local native trees, as well as other street names in the immediate vicinity of our school.

The name also connects with the outdoor environment of our school as it emphasises nature play extensively throughout the school with many appropriate native tress being planted for shade. It is highlighted with many logs connecting Toodyay stone seating and play areas that are supported by large areas of deep mulch acting as soft-fall.  There are also designated outdoor learning areas with these design features.  To celebrate all of this we have feature Sheoak trees planted at our school’s entrance.